2020 Vision

2020 Vision

Hello Fit Fam!

2019 is quickly coming to an end, and I find myself wondering, “where in the world did the year go?!” If you’re anything like me, you typically set some sort of “New Year’s Resolution” when January 1 rolls around to help focus your efforts throughout the year. You also may make a general resolution that has no real focus or measurable ways to track progress (again, if you’re anything like me!).

In 2019, the most common New Year’s resolution had something to do with exercising to get in shape. We’ve probably made that resolution ourselves at some point in time, and if not, we certainly know someone who has! But how many people successfully follow through with a resolution that is vague and has no real focus? I’ll give you a hint: not many!

Now, I’m not trying to knock on anyone who chooses to make a fitness or nutrition resolution when the new year rolls around. You’re a Rockstar! It’s an awesome resolution to make. In order to be truly successful, however, we need to set realistic expectations about what we aim to achieve throughout the year, and we can do this by creating an action plan.

When creating a New Year’s resolution related to health and fitness, here are a few things to think about:

  1. WHY are you wanting to make this change? Maybe it’s to keep up with your grandkids or to inspire your own kids. It could be to help motivate a spouse to make healthy changes and create a healthy lifestyle as a family. Maybe you have goals to meal prep to have healthy lunches to take to work to save money and to fuel your body with nutrient dense foods. You may set a goal to drink a gallon of water throughout the day to help your body function more smoothly. Whatever it is, find your why, and your motivation will dramatically increase!

  1. WHAT are small steps that will help you reach your big goal? Set 3-4 realistic action steps that you can monitor and follow. An example of an action step is to workout at CFVH 4 days a week and have one “active recovery” day on the weekends. Another goal is to “eat in” during the week or make homemade meals six of the seven nights each week.

  2. How will this resolution impact my life? How will it impact the lives of those around me? Our actions, beliefs, and words affect not only our own success in reaching our goals but can also impact those around us. When we become more mindful of how our thoughts, actions, and words impact us and others, we become more mindful of the things we think, do, and say.

Is it okay if things don’t go 100% according to plan? Absolutely! The beauty of creating action steps that work toward a larger goal is that we can adjust and tweak those steps as life happens. We are a work in progress and should never seek perfection, only continued growth!

For more support in creating a healthy New Year’s resolution with an action plan, meet with one of our nutrition coaches! Email us at nutrition@crossfitvinthill.com today!

Let’s make the most of what’s left in 2019 and get ready to kick butt in 2020!


(Credit: HSN Mentoring, 2019)