COVID-19: How does this change my fitness journey?

We are all in unfamiliar territory here. Some of us have been “social distancing” since our college days, but it was always our choice and on our terms. Now, we are being highly encouraged to think about how we can impact, positively or negatively, those who we encounter by choosing to put ourselves in social settings. We’re being told to stay away from each other.

Whether you realize it or not, every minute of exercise you have brought into your life and every gram of nutritious food you have put into your body has helped prepare you for this moment.

You are stronger now than when you first joined the CFVH community—however long it has been—mentally, physically, and emotionally. Your mind and your body have been developing and refining ways to combat and overcome obstacles that get thrown your way. Did any of us think one of those obstacles would be something as widespread as COVID-19? Probably not. Does it mean we don’t have the tools in our reserve to survive this? Definitely not.

What happens if you do get sick? Chances are, your symptoms will be less severe, and your recovery time will be quicker because you have put in the work up to this point.

You’re probably thinking, “Do I need to stay home from the gym?” “Does this mean I can take the next month to slack off?” “Can I motivate myself enough to workout on my own at home?”

All of these are legitimate thoughts. But wait. Hear us out.

At CFVH, your experience is so much more than a monthly payment:

  1. Our box is clean. Really, really clean. Coaches and members see every piece of equipment that is touched during a class, and every piece gets cleaned. Twice. At least. Your CFVH owners already pride themselves on a sanitary and hygienic space, and this COVID-19 virus only reinforces what measures they already take to keep our fitness space clean.

  2. You pay for, and receive, quality coaching. Sometimes, you’re in a class with 15 of your best friends, and other times, you get a one on one private session. Regardless of how many athletes are in a class, your owners and coaches are committed to helping you get the most out of the hour you spend with us. Even now, with some athletes choosing to stay home, your coaches have put together workouts where you can get JUST AS FIT while still protecting yourself and others. Videos are continuously being made and added to our YouTube page so you can make sure you move safely through each movement with quality range of motion. And if you’re still confused? Reach out to an owner or coach and we’ll clarify. We’ve got your back!

  1. It’s not just about weights and cardio. We also care about your nutrition and how you’re fueling your body (and your family) while you’re at home teleworking or entertaining and educating your kids. Check in with our owners and coaches for tips on easy, but still healthy, meals to make while grocery stores aren’t always stocked with our “go to” foods. Remember, healthy doesn’t have to be hard!

  2. We know you by name, and we care about you. The owners and coaches at CFVH know the athletes who enter our doors or logs an at home workout on SugarWOD. We are rooting for you and cheering you on. Just because you choose to protect yourself and others by staying home for a bit doesn’t mean you’ll be forgotten. If you end up getting sick, we’ll check in on you and help take care of you. We’re here for you. Period.

  3. Our micro-gym is locally owned and the focus is you. The owners and coaches want you to stay safe and healthy regardless of where you choose to complete your workouts.

During this time when so much is unknown and frankly, unsettling, stay connected. Reach out to those in our community whether they’re working out at home, hopping on our Zoom workouts, or coming into the gym. Support our box and support each other. Haven’t seen someone post or log in a while? Touch base with them to make sure they’re safely weathering this storm. We’re all in this together, and we’ll come out closer, and fitter, on the other side.

Coach Megan