Should I Eat Before A Workout?


Ok here's the scoop- you've gotta find what works best for you and that can take some "try--fail--adjust" type scenarios to hone in on your ideal go to foods, snacks and meals pre-workout. You absolutely want to fit in a light meal or pre-workout snack before you hit your workout ideally 30-120 minutes prior to and what that intake looks like can vary based on performance demands.

Now 4:30AM'ers may find it difficult to "eat" before your workout when compared to the 4:30PM'ers but that doesn't mean you should just crush a pre workout supplement and cross your fingers. Everything is a planned event and if you are looking to have a better fueled workout you should have a plan of eating a light grab and go on your way to the gym or consume something you have prepared the night before prior to coming. Your body will use that which is consumed as its first fuel source during exercise.

Too often we over complicate our nutrition especially when it comes to those things we eat around our workouts. It doesn't have to be. We need to focus on real food, not too much and mostly vegetable carbohydrate sources. When you look away from processed foods you give yourself better options/fuel sources and your body will thank you both during you AMRAP and the day after as your recovery time will be lessened due to the quality of re-building blocks you have implemented into positive nutrition habits. Look at your body as an overall system that relies on proper fuels to "run the play" you have called that day. If it lacks the proper or necessary fuels it will not perform as you desire it to. What we typically do is push through and find a way to force it into performance, this draws from our well of nutritional stores and can leave our body feeling depleted or beat up. Like taking more withdrawals than deposits. We need to be sure our nutritional "deposits" qualify as proper coverage's for the "withdrawals" we plan to make on ourselves during our workouts or we may find ourselves physically bankrupt.

Create a pre-workout preparedness plan and have some go to snacks/meals ready so you are in an energy abundance vs a depletion. In doing so you will be on a higher road toward performance and notice the positive effects it has on the overall execution of your workouts.

Once we have the pre-workout plan in place we can turn our attention to our post workout refueling meal as the ideal way to take advantage of ones "window of gains." Consuming a high quality protein source within 30-60 min post workout is a nutrition hack that both increases next day performance and helps achieve ideal recovery. We should always fuel our bodies with both today's withdrawals and tomorrows upcoming withdrawals in mind. Be sure that we are making the proper deposits to support our overall desired performance.


Morning foods don't have to be "breakfast" foods. You are allowed to eat meats, rices, sweet potatoes, vegetables, etc before 11:00AM. Be creative and breakout of the norm.

Food is fuel. Period. It doesn't have to taste amazing be "sexy" or be some complicated task. Keep it simple and make it yours.

Food intake pre-workout is an essential asset to your performance, Don't neglect it or sell out for a pre-workout caffeine substitute, feed the beast and the beast will thrive.

Guys and Gals, Protein is vital to your recovery. Be sure you are eating enough. If you shoot for roughly 1g / LB of bodyweight you should have your bases covered.