One of the most frequent questions I've been asked over the years is the great debate of RX or Scaled for WODs, loads, etc. I have a love-hate relationship with this topic and think it is a valuable method of measurement if and when the proper parameters, ranges of motions and prescriptions are in place. The bottom line is this, as coaches we have a primary objective of you moving great and then moving great consistently. When following this guideline and coaching protocol you are well on your way to realizing your true abilities among movements and loads alike.

One of the most common faults we see as coaches within our walls is ego loading or picking a weight that may be slightly out of reach just because that's what the "RX" load is. This brings us to a 'versus' scenario of properly increasing ones fitness ability/training capacities -vs- competing with said neighbor or just the urge to go RX no matter what. We have to remember that though we love a healthy and fun competitive drive, as coaches we reserve the right to put your safety and injury prevention as a priority to ego. Its not a 'shot' or a 'jab' at what may be out of reach (at this time), its because we care and want to see you handle movements and loads with authority. When done so at proper loads and ranges of motion, it keeps you healthy and staying healthy moves you closer to your fitness goals.

So the short to the long is that "tailoring" or "scaling" workouts and loads alike is not weakness, its smart training. Even if you are capable of doing the prescribed loads well, there may be days you "tailor" a WOD for recovery purposes or because you feel a little sore or "beat up." Sometimes its best to find a good rhythm and move well to get the body warm and moving and work out all of the muscle soreness build up (lactic acid), this will put you on a quicker road to recovery.

Quick Takeaways:

When properly "tailoring" workouts you gain:

  • Better motor control
  • An enhanced active range of motion
  • Drastically reduce the risk of injury
  • Better stability in the joints under load
  • Not feeling banged up all the time or nursing nagging 'tweaks'

Who doesn't want those things,? I know right?!

Keep up the good work and consider whats best for YOUR fitness because at the end of the day your fitness longevity is the key to long term health and wellness.