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How did you and Alana get started with all of this?

My first exposure to CrossFit was in the tiny group fitness room of a country club in Fairfax VA, We finished the WOD and afterwards while "collecting myself" on the floor I realized this was what I had been looking for. Alana and I knew we would open our own gym and CrossFit was the model we had in our minds but didn't know existed. Later that month I received my Level 1 Certification and began transitioning all of our private clients over to the CrossFit methodology. Up until that point I was doing small group training at said country club and had a large mobile training client business I was building on the side. To say the rest is history is the short of the long.

The road to what most everyone now sees as CrossFit Vint Hill was not some flashing expressway to a 7000sqft facility . It was 2010 Alana and I were a new married couple learning to run a business together, do life together, begin having kiddos and trying to figure out how to pay bills and eat. Luckily for us we had a great mentor couple in our lives that gave us access to a guild of business owners and entrepreneurs that 100% saved our marriage and taught us leadership and business principles that completely changed the trajectory of our lives. This was where the foundation of our ideal gym community or culture started. One thing is true that whether its your business, your home, your nutrition, your fitness or anything you are looking to succeed, it must have a solid foundation of principles in order for it to survive the winds of life and the stones of opposition.

The days, months and years that brought us here were filled with tons of laughs, learning points, peaks, valleys and a clear vision of what we were building and working for. We never got stagnant and comfortable. We were always pushing to be better. We treated business like our fitness and we never stopped honing in on the basics. The basics is what got us to where we were and what was going to keep us moving forward by evaluating and setting the mark higher and further.

From the mobile training, to outdoors, to our garage, to our basement, to a possible door opening to a potential commercial space, to it closing, back to our basement, to again a possible door opening to another potential commercial space, to it closing, back to our basement and then finally a breakthrough to our first phase at Vint Hill. All of those transitions from high hopes to back to the drawing board spanned about 36 months and culminated to a beer and a conversation over with a neighbor and fellow CrossFitter at Old Bust Head Brewery about "how awesome would it be to have a gym right there," pointing across the way to what I had no idea would be our current gyms bay door. Little did I know God was at work behind the scenes. Just short of 2 weeks after that beer and conversation I got a phone call from the owner of the building and on the other end he said "heard you are looking to open a CrossFit gym, we want one of those here." Now many, many, many other things happened between the 2 slices of bread I've laid out here but this gives you all a snapshot of how CrossFit Vint Hill came to be. Once we signed the lease we were delayed and started again outdoors and then to a small "stable" and then finally into our Phase 1 space and about 6 months ago expanded to our current Phase 2 space. So so much has happened in that last 2 years in Vint Hill and it has been a whirlwind. We can't say enough how much we have learned and how humbling it is to be impacting peoples lives in yes fitness but the ripple effect of that flows into every area of their lives. Our goal was to impact Fauquier County as a beacon of health for all that were willing to put in the work. We have all backgrounds, all ages, all fitness levels that make up our gym family and we are just getting started.

I think its important to not get caught up in what you have done and be focused on what you can do better. For us its how we can add more value and impact more peoples fitness. How we can best service our current gym community and future community additions that come to us to facilitate their fitness journey.


Bottom line is this, at times people see the result and not the process, the success story and not the work it took to reveal it. Run your race take pride in being extraordinary in your fitness and nutrition habits and welcome the accolades that you worked for. Always remember that any endeavor you pour yourself into takes time and its who you become along the way that far surpasses the reward of the initial outset goal. Lastly, remember no one is perfect, don't believe social media where you only see peoples highlight reals and then compare if to your present situations. Keep moving, always. Every inch you move forward is a step closer to betterment. Congratulations on getting better today.