CrossFit Methodology + A Lifestyle of Nutrition = Your fitness goals realized.

Nutrition: We believe in created a healthy relationship with the foods we eat and creating a lifestyle around our daily nutrition. Paleo, Whole30, Intermittent Fasting, etc, etc. They are all great for a season and we encourage people to try those methods for a 4-6 week period and see how your body feels BUT we are in the long game and the more we can help you eat real food, not too much and mostly veggies, limit unnecessary sugar and processed foods the better you will feel and the more bulletproof your health will become. No gimmicks, just good choices.

Fitness: We believe in moving the way you body was made to. CrossFit is where performance and health collide and your fittest you emerges. We all want to move and keep moving and the goal is to get stronger, stay healthy, age well, decrease injury and be more resilient humans so we can kick ass in our 90s.